Salt, the man with the red umbrella studied the scene before him. The DMW had run right into traffic, being hit by an Auto going at least forty. The metal casket had snapped his back, and the street had cracked his skull open. There was blood, and brain matter everywhere. As he scanned the mess a second time he noticed a small patch of red that wasn’t blood, and started forward leaning down and picking it up, it was a small business card, red in color. The front resembled a red door, and when he flipped it over there were three numbers on the back written in red ink: 14, 1902, 22. Salt sighed, and tucked the card into his pocket; Ms. Black was going to want to see this. Salt climbed to his feet, and turned back away from the accident. “What a waste of time,” he sighed heading off into the crowd that had gathered. They parted for him out of fear none daring to even look at him, let alone let him touch them. It didn’t bother Salt in the least, after all who would want to touch death?

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The man ran, not too surprising seeing how they always run, always attempt to escape, and always, always fail. The man however didn’t know that he was in that stupid mindset that he could still escape. His head spun around catching a glimpse of the man following him. A strange young man with short blonde hair and green eyes he was dressed head to toe in black with a small bowler hat on his head and was carrying a red umbrella in his hand. It was the umbrella that marked him as an Umbrella Man. It was their job to keep people like him from getting away.
The man wasn’t going to let that happen if he did, he would be dead it was that simple. How was that fair? He got killed just so the cities population wouldn’t sky rocket. He didn’t ask to be born into this crappy city, nor did he ask for that stupid card in the mail. The moment he had gotten that he had run, and run, and run. He had been running for about two weeks now, and his time was about to be up. He came around a corner, and found two other Umbrella Men waiting for him, no one Umbrella Man and a Woman? Other than Ms. Black, the Head Chief of the Umbrella Men there were no women, and yet there she was. She was dressed in a simple gray suit with a skirt that had a cut right up the side, and a simple fedora hat, she too carried and umbrella in one hand, and a small revolver in the other. She was slight, with short brown hair, and eyes. Those eyes locked onto his, and she hesitated for a moment before she grabbed her companion’s shoulder and turned him about. The man ran, he didn’t even bother to look back he knew that they were after him. He was so close now, so close if he could just lose them, then maybe he could get way. He was almost there, the place where the red card had told him to go. Almost there just a little farther. Then there was the sound of tires screeching, and horns screaming. There was a pain in the man’s side, and then he was rolling up crashing into something, and hitting the ground hard.

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